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We Mean Green Business

Products today are being evaluated to determine what burden they place upon global health, welfare, and the environment. Products that are deemed sustainable have the least amount of detrimental impact on humans and our planet.

At Monster Yogurt, we make every effort to be GREEN

Here are some examples:

  • We are a proud partner of the NCTCOG Trasportation try parking it program. Earn free Monster Yogurt through the North Texas try parking it program! FREE TO JOIN
  • Marmoleum — The floor in our stores is Marmoleum, which is a platinum SMART Certified product. It is made of 100% renewable resources and meets rigorous indoor air quality standards for low emitting products. You may have never seen a floor like ours in a commercial setting, typically in operating rooms and other environments where being anti-microbial, slip resistance, fire retardant, and water-tight are extremely important.
  • Phenolic — Every table, cabinet and bench in our stores are manufactured in the United States (Texas in fact) and made from solid Phenolic. Phenolic is GREENGUARD Certified, made from renewable resources, and meets the indoor air quality standard for low emitting products. Phenolic is a material that you would find in a science laboratory or operating room.
  • Stainless Steel — Stainless steel is used in food service establishments because it is one of the most hygienic surfaces for food preparation and it is easy to clean. Its unique surface has no pores or cracks that can harbor dirt, grime or bacteria. It does not affect food flavor, as it does not react with acidic foods during food preparation or cooking. With proper care, it has a useful life expectancy of over 100 years, and it is totally recyclable. We employ stainless steel in our stores that has a 75%-90% pre-consumer recycled steel content. This stainless steel is manufactured in the United States (Texas in fact) through environmentally safe procedures.
  • Whipped Cream – Why such a fancy machine? Most whipped cream is made by using cartridges that force either compressed Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrous Oxide (N2O) into a cream mix. Scientists agree that the man-made greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are altering the cycles of matter and life and interfering with the Earth’s natural cooling process. Nitrogen Oxide (N2O) contributes to the forming of acid rain, hampers plant growth and contributes to global warming. Monster Yogurt considers their environmental footprint in every aspect of its operations including the manufacturing of whipped cream. Our whipped cream machine cost considerably more than those using CO2 or N2O. Monster Yogurt believes that being a GREEN BUSNESS means considering the long term costs not short term gains. Monster Yogurt also believes that “real” whipped cream tastes better too!

We believe that being GREEN is our inherent responsibility, and we look forward to the day that posting this notice is no longer necessary.

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